Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Half Birthday!

Tanner is 6 months old! It is so bittersweet! He isn't that little squishy newborn anymore, but he is growing into this amazing little man.  He has the best personality and is always smiling.  He is so interested in everything!  I just love watching him grow and learn.

He is 16lbs 12oz (38th percentile), and 25 inches long (7th percentile).  He is going to be a short little guy, just like his momma!  He took his shots like a pro, momma on the other hand, did not. :)

I still can't believe how big he is getting!  I love him to pieces! 

(He is napping in the pack n play for the first time in the bedroom.  So if I can continue this I will be blogging more! And the next blog will be our favorite things months 3-6.)


He loves to grab the camera now.

This is the flirt face


On the move

Pout face

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  1. Precious photos! He's such a cutie.