Friday, April 27, 2012


Last week we took Tanner to Sea World.  It was our first trip to an amusement park as a family.  Tanner was so good!

He loved the Shamu Show.  He stood on my legs and actually watched.  He even sang along with the music (that boy loves music, I tell ya!).  He napped through the dolphin/beluga whale/diver show, but Nick and I enjoyed it. 

He even liked the shark/aquarium exhibit.  I’m sure it was the colors, but he stared and smiled the whole time.

Nick and Tanner fed the dolphins too!  I did too, but I didn’t like the pictures, so I didn’t add them.

Nick bought Tanner a dolphin puppet and he loved it!  Of course he loved the tag on it just about as much as the puppet itself.

I fed him twice, and no one said anything to me about it.  No one judged, gave me the side eye, or any dirty looks.  I was a successful trip!

Overall, Sea world and the rides and attractions it had were for much older children, but I think Tanner really enjoyed it.  He even slept 7 hours that night.  The first time since the beginning of February.  

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