Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Type of Parenting Part 1

I loved the idea of writing about the type of parent I am/want to be.  I got the idea from a couple of blog momma friends I have online. So, thanks girls!

Judge me if you must, I couldn’t care less.  Obviously parenting styles vary so much and some things don’t work for some people.  These things work for us.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

I feel so passionate about this, and feel very blessed that this is working for us.  After having a hard pregnancy, a very difficult 47 hour labor, a delivery that I do not remember, and an aggravating recovery (an incision that is STILL not healed completely) I can’t be too bitter.  I was never one for the “dream birth” experience.  I knew what was going to happen would, and I would just go with the flow.  The one thing I wanted most was to be able to breastfeed my child. 

You could say I did a ton little bit of reading and researching during my pregnancy on various things.  The number one thing I wanted to do was breastfeed.  There are so many reasons why.  I read books, searched message boards, and followed lactation consultants on facebook and twitter.  I wanted to gather as much information as I could stuff in my brain. I really wanted this to work.

**In no way am I bashing formula.  I know not every mother is able to breastfeed, and it’s a difficult journey for others. I was formula fed and I turned out just fine. These are just my thoughts; reasons why I choose to breastfeed.**

My desire to breastfeed started when I read my first breastfeeding “how-to” book.  I learned how breastmilk is basically “liquid gold”.  It has all my antibodies against illnesses and keeps Tanner’s immune system strong.  It also can cure pink eye, eczema, scratches, cradle cap, and so on.  It’s so healthy for him.

Not to mention, it’s free.  I don’t have to buy formula every week.  I don’t have to buy, sterilize, make, heat, clean, or store bottles.  It’s extremely convenient.  I have food for Tanner with me all the time. 

Although the health aspect of breastmilk is wonderful, it’s not the best reason why I chose to breastfeed (see, no formula bashing here). The best reason, for me, is the bonding aspect I feel I get with him.  That, and the amazing fact that my body can care and provide what my son needs to live.  It blows me away.  God is so good!

The main reason why I wanted to post this “series” on my blog is because most of the parenting things I do are considered controversial to some people.  Definitely not to the majority of my friends, but there are people out there that ruin good things. 

And with that being said, I’m extremely disappointed in our American society. Apparently breasts are only meant for sexual purposes.  Even though they were MADE FOR FEEDING OUR CHILDREN.  I’ve had numerous friends tell stories about how people judge them for breastfeeding.  Mostly for breastfeeding in public.  How extremely hypocritical is that?!  No one ever gets on to women feeding their babies with bottles.  Women nursing are glared at and whispered about.  There are even the bold people who will straight up and tell the nursing mother to go to the car, or to the bathroom to feed her child because it’s “disgusting”, or “inappropriate”.  And can you believe the majority of judging people are other women!  I’d love to tell them to go eat their lunch in the bathroom!

I was so scared to fly home back in February because I knew I would need to feed Tanner in the airport and on the plane.  But now, after almost 4 months of successful breastfeeding I don’t care.

 I am covered when I am in public, which is my personal preference.  Although I give high praise to those women who do it uncovered.  Tanner is at the age where he likes to pull the cover off, but that won’t stop me from feeding my baby anywhere he decides he wants to eat. 

Next post in my little “series” shouldn’t be as long as this one. 


  1. Good for you! It's difficult for some women and heartbreaking when their desire cannot be fulfilled. So funny to me the response breast tissue can create. -Linda

  2. This is awesome :) I really wish BF worked out for us and I got better education and support on the whole matter. It was a REALLY hard physical and mental struggle for me and the mental struggle still occurs. I am so happy it is working out great for you, and a little jealous ;) None the less really happy for you :)

  3. Actually, you were breast fed the first two weeks of your life, and then formula fed due to extenuating circumstances. Unfortunately, I'm older than the Internet, and wasn't as blessed with the resources and information young mother's have today. I am so proud of you, Lindsey and the wonderful mother you have become! There's no higher position this side of heaven, and you are so great at it! Tanner is so very blessed to have you and Nick as parents! I love you, Mom