Saturday, March 3, 2012

No thumb!

I think Tanner knows his daddy doesn't want him to be a thumb sucker.  But the problem is Tanner is just now reaching for things and putting them in his mouth.  He's really exploring his hands.  I think it's adorable, but Nick, not so much.  (I think he secretly thinks it's cute, but he won't show it).  

Tonight Tanner was asleep in his bouncer and I got the camera out because I thought he looked cute.  Right as I started taking his picture he began waking up.  I continued to snap a few pictures of what he was doing.  All of these pictures happened within about a minute.


"Oooo, hands!"

Yup, that's full on thumb sucking...

"Maybe my fist will fit, too!"
I guess this could be a good thing.  Not the thumb sucking, but chewing on his hands.  He's not getting so mad when his paci falls out now.  He just starts sucking on those fingers.  We've got a 9 hour drive to make in a few weeks and I've been worried about him getting upset when I can't reach to give his paci back to him in the car.  

Pictures from our trip are slowly coming together.  I will be blogging about it and posting some pictures within the next few days, hopefully.

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