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Our Favorite Things 0-3 Months

When I first found out I was pregnant I began reading other Mom's blogs online.  Most of them I found through  Several would make posts of what their favorite things were baby-related.  I loved to read these because I would check everything out and end up buying them, too.  And honestly, most of our favorite things are things I saw on other blogs.  So I am going to jump on the bandwagon and post our favorite things, 0-3 month edition.  Maybe someone out there can see what has worked for us and find it works for them too!


From day night 1 we used swaddle sleepsacks for Tanner.  He loved them. We religiously used the Halo Fleece Sleepsack up until he started to wiggle a lot.  After that we used (and still do) Child of Mine by Carters Fleece Sleepsack.  And since the weather is getting warmer we bought another Halo but in cotton. (We cut the swaddle off because Tanner rolls in his sleep and I wasn't going to use it).  

The only picture I have of Tanner in a sleepsack.  I need to do better, haha.

I love this nightlight.  It is portable and the colors are not too bright.  I can easily see to change Tanner's diaper in the middle of the night without waking Nick up or making the room too bright, so Tanner falls asleep better afterwards.  We like the blue color.

Tanner slept in his crib one night.  And it was the night I slept in his nursery with him so Nick could have uninterrupted sleep for his big checkride. But every other night he sleeps in his Pack n Play right next to my side of the bed.  I absolutely love having him in the room with me (that's another post for the future...).

We had a ton of pacifiers when Tanner was first born.  A bunch of different kinds, too.  But my kid is picky like me.  He will only take the Mam Pacifiers.  Any other kind (even the one he was so attached to at the hospital) he will just spit it out immediately after I give it to him.  I don't mind, they are really cute. I am going to eventually try to have him take a paci only when he sleeps.  I don't know when I will start that though.

When Tanner naps during the day, and especially if it's a little warm out, I use the Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddle blankets.  These are incredible!  So soft!  They are also large enough to be great swaddles. 


I couldn't have made nursing successful without my boppy.  I'm sure I would have gotten very frustrated.  It really made it so much easier.  This is also another topic for a future post...

Hank likes the boppy, too.

For the life of my I can never remember what side Tanner last nursed on.  I have a hair bow that I switch back and forth on my wrists, but I forget if I actually switched it.  I blame mommy brain.  So I use the Baby Log on my iPhone.  I only use the feeding log, but it also have a diaper and sleep log in it.  I love it because I can remember what side I nursed him on last and at what time he ate.  It allows you to time the feedings as well, but I don't.  I just push the start/stop button to get the start time.  It also have a spot for a bottle and how many ounces he ate.  

I could count on 2 hands how many times Tanner has taken a bottle, and it's been over a month since his last one.  But I'm glad I bought the Breastflow bottles.  They are made to sort of resemble a boob so the baby doesn't get too confused going back and forth from the boob to the bottle.  

My mom bought some Prefold Cloth Diapers and sewed cute fabric onto them.  These are wonderful!  We have them laying around the house, everywhere.  Tanner spits up after every feeding so it's good to have close by.  They also soak up so much.  


These Carter's Lap Pads are really nice.  We get poop, pee, spit up, you name it on these things.  They are waterproof so I don't have to worry about pee getting on his changing pad or on the pack n play sheet.  I just throw them in the washer/dryer and they are ready to go again.

Once Tanner's umbilical cord stump fell off we began our cloth diaper adventure.  We started using prefolds, since Tanner was much too small to use the OS Pockets.  We used prefolds and a snappi.  And to keep him dry we used Thirsties Covers.  They were wonderful!  They have gussets on the inside of the leg holes and it kept poo from leaking on many occasions!

Now that Tanner is bigger we are using pocket diapers.  We LOVE Smartipants.  They are great.  They have an opening at both ends of the pocket so the insert can agitate out in the wash, and you don't have to pull it out.  I love the colors also, especially the black and bright green (Tanner's favorite).  We have some Kawaii also, but Tanner's thighs haven't been chubby enough yet for those to fit.  Although, I think they are now.  We may be trying those today. :)

Big items:

This Graco Duo is a swing with a detachable bouncer.  I probably would be a more cranky momma if we didn't have this.  He naps in the swing and hangs out with us in the bouncer.  Nick and I couldn't enjoy dinner without the bouncer.  Tanner knows there is food around and he always fusses at meal times.  So Nick usually will bounce him with his foot while we eat.  Works 98% of the time.

One of my absolute favorite baby items we have is the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller.  We have the car seat attachment on it now, since Tanner is still a little small for the main seat.  But it's awesome.  It has large wheels which makes it a nice "all-terrain" stroller.  Once the car seat attachment is off, it has a cover that pulls way down and blocks a lot of sun, with little windows so I can keep an eye on him.  It also reclines.  But the best part has to be the ease of folding it up and opening it again.  You can do it with one hand.  Amazing!

Baby Wearing:

I love baby wearing.  It is so nice to be hands free to do things around the house, or shop.  And Tanner loves it too.  We used the Moby from day 1.  It holds the baby in a position that they are use to from being in the womb.  It also covers their head and keeps unwanted touches from strangers away.  We are still using it too.  Tanner just sits in it in a different position.  It is a little tough to figure out at first, but I'm a pro at it now.  It is pretty warm, though.

The Ergo Sport is what we use out and about.  It fits really well and is comfortable.  It also is cooler than the Moby.  And since it's a little more "Manly", Nick doesn't mind wearing it.  We used this during our trips through the airport and had no problems.  


Tanner is just now starting to reach for toys so there aren't too many things in this area that he loves, yet.  But if you remember my post from yesterday, Tanner loves his Sophie Giraffe.

My friend, Justine, made Tanner a little taggies blanket.  He loves it.  He's always holding it, chewing on it, and sleeping with it.  

The Oball is great, too, because it's light and Tanner can easily pick it up.

This Activity Mat has been something we haven't been able to live without.  Tanner use to just lay there and stare at himself in the mirror that comes with it.  But now, he's able to play with the toys.

This car mirror is my favorite "toy".  I can see him while we are driving anywhere.  I think he can see more through it too, so he's occupied.  I know this will be a lifesaver once we are ready t make the 9 hour drive to San Antonio in a couple weeks.

Tanner is changing so much already and it makes me sad.  But I know things will be completely different in 3 months.  So I'm planning on doing another post like this when he turns 6 months old.

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