Thursday, March 8, 2012

3 Months!

Tanner is already 1/4 of a year old! This is crazy to me!

I really think he's starting to finally fill out a little bit.  He use to sleep 6-7 hours straight a night, that is until we went home to NC for vacation.  Now he's up all night.  He's been wanting to eat every 2 hours around the clock for the past 72 hours or so.  But I read on a facebook group I am a part of that when babies start to learn new skills, they will wake up in the middle of the night more often.  

He is definitely doing more things now.  He will reach for toys.  He puts them to his mouth now, too. He also loves to hold on to his blankets.  He's very fascinated by his hands, and still tries to suck on his thumb. 

He even giggled at his daddy once!  I can't wait to hear that often!

He absolutely loves to be involved with everything!  He wants to sit where he can see everyone.  He  even prefers to stand sometimes.  He is very strong and can bare his own weight.  I wonder if he will be an early walker like his daddy.  

Now for some pictures.  He's been a little fussy today so I will have to try to take a few more pictures later.  

(Also, I have a lot of ideas of posts I want to write, so stay tuned!) 

Big Yawn!

He is so strong!

Sleepy boy

He loves his blanket!

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