Sunday, January 8, 2012

One Month!

Little man is 1 month old!  How is that possible?

We're really starting to learn his personality.  And his cries.  I never thought that would be possible, but it's true.  He is such a sweet baby!  He loves to cuddle, and I love it too!  I adore having him on my chest sleeping, close enough to where I can just kiss his little head.  He's such a good baby.

He's starting to stare at things now.  We added a few star stickers on the bottom of the shelf above his changing pad and he just stares at them.  He will look for us when we're talking too.

He's still not too happy with tummy time, but he is starting to enjoy laying on his back on his activity mat.  He rolled over twice the other night.  But Nick and I think he just pushed up on his arm and leg and the bulkiness of his cloth diaper flipped him over.  Of course he wouldn't do it again when we got the video camera out.

He will sleep 2.5-4 hours at night. And he naps real well during the day.  (Last night was very different though, we were up 3 hours straight...)

Tanner is wearing this 'Cool just like Daddy' shirt because it's also Nick's birthday!

  (He really enjoys sitting up)

 Right in the middle of a yawn.

 Whoops! Falling over.

 Staring at Daddy


 Poor little guy has a bad case of baby acne right now.  But here's a close up for the picture frame Great-Grandpa Barber got him!  It's a frame that has a spot for a picture of each month in his first year.

Going for a walk, staying warm!  I just love this little guy!

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