Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nursing troubles

This isn't the post I wanted to finish writing last week.  That one will be pretty long and I just haven't gotten to writing it yet.  Tanner fell asleep in his car seat at the Pedi's office so I brought him in and let him continue sleeping for a little while.  That's why I'm writing this post now.

Tanner is almost 4 weeks old and he has just now gotten back to his birth weight.  He is not dehydrated.  He has 10-12 wet and dirty diapers a day.  He has grown a little taller and his head has grown 1 cm.  But for some reason he will just not gain weight.  He was 1 oz away from his birth weight last week.  The Pedi wanted me to pump and give him a bottle to see how much he would eat after he nursed.  We've been doing that a couple times a day.  He will take anywhere from 2-4oz after an hour long nursing session.

The Pedi is worried because she said she wouldn't think he would take more than 4oz total per feeding at this point in time, so if he is nursing for an hour and then taking 3oz after obviously he's not getting enough from me.  The problem isn't me, as I'm producing plenty of milk.  But for some reason he isn't able to get the milk from me.

I'm going to try to pump way more and give him a bottle after every nursing session.  I hope this works because I do not want to give him formula if I can  help it.  It just sucks because I will be hooked up to something all day long, either Tanner nursing, or pumping.  And when I'm done with that it will be time to do it all over again.  I sure hope we can figure this out!

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