Sunday, January 22, 2012

6 Weeks Old

I've been wanting to post a new blog for a couple of days with some videos of Tanner, but I was having trouble figuring out our new video camera and wanted to wait for the weekend so Nick could fix it.  It's still giving us trouble so I will make a new post with some videos once we get that figured out.

Tanner turned 6 weeks old last Thursday.  It's so hard to believe he has been hanging around for that long already!  He's doing so great.  Remember when I posted about his weight gain problems? Well, I'm glad to say I never had to give him formula.  I started weaning off from the nipple shield and he seemed to be able to get more milk that way.  One night a few weeks ago, I nursed him and gave him 1oz of breastmilk in a bottle (like the pediatrician told us to).  Not 10 minutes later he projectile vomited all over his dresser, floor, and daddy.  From that moment, I knew it was the shield.  That was his last bottle.  I brought him to the clinic last Wednesday and he had gained almost a pound in 2 weeks.  I was so proud of him!

I just love this face!

"I want my paci back, Mom!"

Tanner is really starting to grow and develop.  He just loves to look around at different things on the wall.  Usually when I wear him in a baby carrier around the house and the commissary he promptly falls asleep.  But today during our weekly grocery visit he was wide awake and looking all around!  That is, until 10 minutes in when his head started bobbing and his eyes were struggling to stay open.  He passed out shortly after that and stayed asleep 2 hours, including throughout our walk around the neighborhood.

He really loves his activity mat, as long as he is laying on his back.  He does not like tummy time  We're still working on that though.  He has found his tongue, and likes to stick it out a lot.  He also makes the cutest noises when he plays.  And his favorite thing to do right now is stare at himself in the mirror on his activity mat.  

"My favorite mirror!"

Look at that fuzzy hair!
"I HATE tummy time!"


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