Friday, January 6, 2012


I think we may be on our way to starting a routine! Last night was Tanner's bath night (which he is really starting to enjoy). After his bath, his daddy lotioned him up good and he ate some more. He hung out in the living room with Nick while I went to bed.

Nick said they went to bed at around 11, which is great because Tanner woke me up at 3 to eat. He has been getting up at 2:30-3:00 for the past several nights. He will eat for an hour and go back to bed. He then gets up again at around 6:00-6:30. And eats again for another hour.

This morning he didn't want to go back to sleep so he got changed into his day time clothes and hung out in his crib, staring at the plane on the bumpers. This gave me time to get ready for the day.

I brought him out to the living room and he played on his tummy time mat. I actually think he was playing with the toys that hang down. I took a video of it. While he was playing, and Hank was watching him play, I washed dishes, drank my coffee, ate breakfast, and vacuumed. The vacuuming started putting Tanner to sleep so I moved him to the swing, and now he's passed out.

This is the most productive I have been in the longest time and it's only 9am!

The weather yesterday was amazing, in the high 60s. It won't be like that today but I think I will still take him out for a walk. I bought an Ergo baby carrier and he seems to really like it.

Here is my sleeping baby.

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