Monday, April 4, 2011


I finally got a call back from the clinic today.  The nurse said she had my results back and I am indeed pregnant! (well, duh).  But hearing her say it made it feel like I was finding out for the first time! She put in a prescription for better prenatal vitamins, and I'll get my referral off base tomorrow!  She also signed me up for the base's OB Orientation.  I'll learn a lot about what's happening and what will be happening to my body.  Also, staff from both local hospitals will be there to talk to us.  And they're bringing around $90 worth of goodies (onesies, toys, etc).  I am SO excited but it's over a month away! It's May 11.  I'll be almost 9 weeks along by then.

So needless to say, even though work stresses me out daily, today was a good day. :)

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