Monday, April 18, 2011

They lied

Morning sickness.  Really?  Maybe.  Morning and afternoon sickness?  Probably.  Morning, afternoon, evening sickness? YES.  Whoever named this "morning" sickness never had to suffer from it.

So that's how my day has been!  It's not too bad, yet.  Once I finally got some food down when I got home from work I started feeling a little better.  But it wanted to make it's appearance again when I was cooking dinner.  Raw chicken is definitely one of my button pushers.  Eww.  Just thinking about it is making me a little queasy.

I really need to get some saltines or bland crackers.

But I guess this means this pregnancy is progressing and that makes me happy!


  1. Ew, I remember having it all day long, every day, for the full nine months - I guess that's a big reason there's nine years between you and your sister! If it helps at all, they do say that "morning" sickness is a sign of intelligence for the baby. It sure worked out that way for mine!!! :)

  2. It must be in our blood! I had it all 9 months with both boys! It was worse in the mornings however. Good luck! If it gets real bad and once you get in your second trimester, there is something the Dr. can give you. Love you!!!