Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day in the Life...Part 2

1:00pm- Tanner is finally asleep.  So I make myself another cup of coffee and some lunch.  Nick comes home for a quick bite to eat so I make him lunch, too.  Then I sit down and relax a little bit and write a blog post. 


2:45- Tanner poops and wakes himself up. I change his diaper and he's ready to get up for good. 

3:00pm- We go out in the backyard and play!

3:30pm- Since we are already outside, we go on a short walk down the street.

3:45- It's HOT! 90 degrees. So we come home and cool off with some ice water, a snack, and some Mickey Mouse.

4:10- We play in the living room for a little bit, and then test out a new app on my phone.

4:30pm- Diaper change. Tanner tells me he wants to read.

4:45pm- Tanner is cutting 4 teeth at the moment and he gets cranky real quick. He starts fussing, and I know he just wants to cuddle with his paci.  So I give in, and give him his paci.

We read a little more.

5-6:00pm- Tanner asks for another snack, and I begin preparing dinner.  

6-6:20pm- I have dinner in the oven and Tanner watches me wash dishes.

6:30- Nick gets home from work and dinner is ready.

Seasoned chicken and stuffed tomatoes.

Tanner didn't like it.  Like normal.  So he had greek yogurt.

7-7:30- Nick gives Tanner a bath while I pick up toys.

7:30- Tanner is out of the bath.  We try to get him to pee on the big boy potty (like we do every night) but he doesn't go.  He gets changed into his PJs, plays a little bit, nurses, and I carry him back to his crib for the night.

Tanner is asleep by 8pm.  I take a quick shower and then relax with Nick and catch up on some of our recorded TV shows.  And then bed around 10:30. 

And there you go!  A nice long typical day in the life.  Not all of our days are that boring, though. :)

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  1. This is totally unrelated to your post, but I knew this would be the fastest way to reach you - just thought about you through the tornadoes and wanted to be sure you guys were alright!