Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tot-School (Orange Week)

Tanner is 16 Months Old

I think this week may have been a little harder for Tanner.  He knows an Orange is fruit, and he can eat it.  But I'm not sure he really caught onto it being a color as well.  

He still isn't very excited about sitting still too long, but that's fine.  We just play until he is ready to move on.  And he will run to the office at random times of the day and start playing with his tot trays.  Success!

This tray was just a transferring activity.  He doesn't really care to use the spoon just yet. Except to try to eat the spoon.

I added a non orange  activity in there because Tanner actually started playing with puzzles this week.  And doing it successfully.  

Crafts this week were pretty fun. I got the mess free painting idea from The Kavanaugh Report. He didn't really care too much for it.  

This idea I found over at You are the Roots.  We put some peeled orange slices into a baggy and squished them.  It made delicious juice.  This, Tanner loved! 

I was featured on 1+1+1=1's Tot-School Gathering this week! You should check it out! 

Now, on to Yellow Week!

Tot School


  1. Where did you get the large drip pan for the magnetic pom poms? I think some of my children would love to use a magnetic board like that with some fun magnets we already have at home.

  2. I got the drip pan from the automotive section at Walmart. It was no more than $13!

  3. I found you on 1+1+1=1 and I love all of your ideas! I'm following your Tot School posts because I'm about to start with my 12 month old and will definitely be trying some of these things! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Where did you get your trays? I'm trying to find some that will fit our shelf but they are all too big. Yours look like they might be a good size! :) Thanks!

  4. I found the trays on amazon!