Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Excited for Tomorrow! 38 Weeks Pregnant

I had another appointment yesterday (38 weeks).  Everything was the same as the week before.  No progress, but I still wasn't expecting anything to be different.  My doctor tried to ask me about a c-section at 39 weeks again.  I told him, "No! I'm waiting until 41 weeks...". He said he thinks that is a great idea, but that he is legally required to ask me about it since there was no cervical change.  Whatever. 

I'm still feeling really good.  And I am so thankful for that!  My blood pressure is great, and Wesley is moving a ton.  My only problem is negative thinking.  I'm really trying to make myself think positively about labor and having my VBAC. Your mind can do crazy things, and stalling labor is one of those things.  

Tomorrow morning I will be driving an hour away to meet my doula! I am so excited!  I've got my list of questions ready for her, and a little cliff's notes version of Tanner's birth story.  I'm only hoping Tanner sits still long enough for us to talk.  Ever since he turned two, he's gotten a bit spunky.  I re-read her profile and it looks like she has a TENS unit rental.  I've read about them in nursing school, but never actually have seen or used one.  But after some research it seems like they are amazing for back labor!  I'm definitely going to be asking her about that.  

I will write another post tomorrow after our meeting.  I'm so looking forward to meeting her! I still can't believe my friends did that for me!  And I'm actually a little blown away that I'm 38 weeks pregnant now, too.  3 weeks max until Wesley is here.  AHH!!!

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