Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tanner is TWO!

My sweet little baby is no longer a baby.  He is TWO!  I want to cry!  

First day home, 1st Birthday, 2nd Birthday

But he is an amazing little kid.  He's so kind, and loving.  And pretty chill.  He's learning so much so fast and talking a lot.  I am so thankful for him. And I literally have a "he's AMAZING" moment every single day.  

At his doctor's appointment on Monday he was 29.5 lbs (68%), 34.25 inches (46%), and his head was 50.5 cm (90%).  He's absolutely perfect in communication and all of his skills.  

We flew home from NC the day before his birthday, so we decided to have a little family get together for Tanner's party while we were home.  I'm very glad we did that. It was great to have family there, since last year it was just friends.  (And I've just remembered that I never posted pictures from Tanner's first birthday! Huge fail!)

Thank you so much, mom, for helping with his party! It turned out amazing!

He loved the hallway full of balloons!

That's a little Tanner finger print

I was holding the cupcake, and Nick was videotaping. I was worried we had forgotten to get a picture of this moment. I'm so glad my sister took this picture!

Yeah, that would be bread and butter dipped in ketchup and Chick-fil-a BBQ.

He got this gift on his birthday.  He loves it.

Our neighbor (who shares the same birthday) made him some cookies! 
I'm looking forward to this next year.  Watching him grow and learn more.  And watching him become a big brother.  I am so incredibly blessed! I love you, Tanner Lee!

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