Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quick 34 week update

I am 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant today.  And I'm actually feeling great! Well, compared to Tanner's pregnancy, of course.  I do have bad hip pain and some nausea every morning, still.  But I really can't complain!  God really blessed me this time around.  There is no way I could handle Tanner's pregnancy while taking care of a 2 year old!  

I have had some pretty bad cramping in my upper abdomen for the past week.  It comes and goes, and feels like I just did 1000 crunches.  And at some points it actually makes me drop to my hands and knees to try to relieve it.  I brought it up with my doctor on Tuesday.  I explained it to m=him and told him I didn't have any tightening during the cramps, so I didn't think it was contractions.  He said he believes it's a form of heartburn!  Wesley is running out of room and when he stretches out he kicks my stomach and causes the pain.  So I'm going to try some of my pepcid when I feel it again and see how it does.  Dr told me to try Zantac, though.  

I've tons of braxton hicks contractions, too.  For a while it's been hard for me to figure out if it's braxton hicks, or just baby movement.  But more recently now I have been able to tell better.  I have AT LEAST 10-15 a day.  Non painful, though.  

My blood pressure was 109/68.  Still as normal as it usually is.  (Which makes me believe even more and more that I had pre-e with Tanner).  Baby's heart rate was 144.  My doctor had a medical student with him so he actually told me what the heart rate was, first time in 3 visits.

I've also haven't gained anything in a week.  I've only gained 15lbs total. Hopefully that doesn't change too drastically with the Holidays.  My phone app said Wesley is probably around 5 pounds now!  

I had my GBS swab done at the appointment also.  I was thinking it was a little early, but it's probably a good thing it was done.  I'm supposed to go back in two weeks for my next appointment but with the Holiday it got pushed back to 3 weeks.  I will be 37 weeks!  That just seems so crazy to me.  

I am very thankful I'm feeling good.  I'm not taking it for granted! 

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