Monday, March 25, 2013

C25K Update

There has been a reason why I have taken so long to post an update.  A very sucky reason.  I got halfway through week 2 and began having extreme pain in my left leg.  At first I though it was shin splints.  But having a painful throbbing wake me up in the middle of the night or barely being able to walk told me otherwise.  I googled it, and sure enough, my symptoms were telling me I had a stress fracture.  

I started taking my vitamins again and let my leg heal for 8 weeks.  I was really bummed out.  I had gotten to the point where I could tell my endurance was growing.  Besides the pain, I was starting to enjoy running.  

Now I had to start all over.  I started running again last week.  My new plan is to run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the treadmill while Tanner naps.  I didn't think to do this before because I figured it would be too loud since the treadmill was in the room next to Tanner's room.  But after running a little test (pun intended) I realized it's really not that loud.  And after running 3 days last week and Tanner never waking up, I think this plan might actually work.  

I've also got a pretty nice set up on the treadmill.  Instead of listening to music, I'm watching a show on Amazon Prime.  I've noticed I'm not clock watching and hating every second when I'm distracted with watching something.

I'm hoping I can finish this program and be able to run 30+ minutes at a time on a treadmill.  Once my endurance is where it should be, and the weather is nice again, I will take out the jogging stroller again.  

Week 2 begins today.  This is the point where the pain started last time.  I hope my new shoes, the rest I took, and stretching will keep the pain away.  

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