Thursday, March 28, 2013

A little Pinsperation

Living on base it's hard (to me) to want to put a ton of effort into decorating when I know I will be packing up and moving in a couple of years.  We don't own this house, so I can't really do much anyway.  

Our bedroom is located on the complete opposite side of the house. I use to just keep the door closed and that was that.  But I realized Tanner really enjoys playing on the window seal when I have the window blinds open; it's the perfect size for him to play with his little toy cars. So I noticed I was back in my room quite a bit during the day. And I got tired of staring at 4 white walls.  It needed a little something.  I could have just put picture frames on the wall, but this was a nice chance to give Pinterest a try.  

I picked four ideas that looked pretty easy and cheap.  This way I was pretty sure I would have something on each wall.  And almost everything turned out perfect. (Everything was found at Hobby Lobby. I LOVE that store.  It must be genetic, because my mom loves it too)

I saw the painted glass bottles floating around Pinterest and knew that was something I wanted to do.  My friend, Kaitlin, made some a few months ago and they look great! 

I picked 3 bottles I liked from Hobby Lobby and found a few colors of paint that would work with the color of our bed/furniture.  

 For some reason the grey and blue worked on the bottles, but the yellow would not.  And after trying 4, yes 4, different yellow paints, I realized it was the stupid bottle.  Not the paint.  
So I just painted some designs on the outside instead.  I really wanted the pop of yellow color in the room.  (I will be repainting, I don't like it. Ha!)

This craft was originally supposed to be on canvas, but I already bought some for a different project, and they weren't on sale.  But the little piece of wood was.  I painted it all the same color, used wood glue to stick the letters to the wood piece, and then sprayed it with some clear acrylic spray I had left over from another project.  
It's hard to tell, but it's shiny. :)

I liked this one a lot, because it was really, really easy.  But I need to make a few more different sizes to hang up.  Three isn't enough, and I need more variety of sizes.  

This one was my favorite.  It turned out exactly how I wanted it to.  I will be making two more to hang next to it.  I painted the wood the same blue that I used in some of the other projects and used mod podge to hold the picture on.  And I just another layer of mod podge on top of the whole thing to make it shiny.  Love it!

These were super simple projects and they added a little something to my room.  I'm pleased!


  1. The wooden "love" is great. I may have to try that. Your wedding picture is beautiful!

  2. Me again. Hey, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I liked it so much I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please see my post for more information

  3. I really like the canvas and picture art! My husband and I have lived in base housing, and although he is Natl guard now instead of Active duty, we will be possibly moving in the next year and living in base housing once again. Which means no painting (we tried that once, and it was a real pill to try to cover it back up when we moved!) I will definitely remember these two decorating tips!