Monday, May 23, 2011

What an amazing feeling!

I had my first doctor's appointment today.  After waiting 7 weeks.  Going in for the regular part of the doctor's visit was fine.  Did a few tests and asked some questions.  I got a bag of goodies, some magazines and lots of info.  After all that was complete we moved to the ultrasound room.

Laying there on the table with the lights dimmed and the ultrasound machine sitting right next to me felt so unreal! I kept telling Nick that it was just weird. When the doctor came in I told him this is the part where I'm nervous.  I told him I was scared that the baby wouldn't be there.  It just didn't feel real.  But he put that jelly on my belly (which is awesome by the way, it's heated!) and a little baby popped up on the screen! I kept giggling trying to keep myself from crying and because of that the picture kept getting messed up.  I finally started to calm down and enjoy looking at the picture. He snapped a picture and right after the baby flipped backwards on top of his/her head.  It was so neat to see! So active!

The doctor said everything was looking good and I measured right on track.  I am SO relieved!

My next appointment in June 20th, but I may have to change that once I get my work schedule.


Baby's first picture.  The head is down at the bottom, hidden a little bit.  You can see the right leg really well.  This was the picture taken right before s/he flipped on it's head.

The head is still down on the bottom.  We were able to see the heart beating away and the umbilical cord pulsing.  The white dot in front of the head is the baby's arm.

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  1. You may have a soccer baby, but It also sounds like s/he has some of your gymnastic background! While reading this blog I can just see you lying there giggling. I'm so happy and excited for you. It's a wild ride Lindsey, hold on and enjoy it. It's worth it! <3 you.