Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weightloss and Running

A little back story/info: I was about 15-20 pounds overweight when I got pregnant with Tanner (a lot of that is boob weight, though-ha!). I gained 60ish pounds with Tanner's pregnancy, and was only able to lose 40 postpartum.  I breastfed, dieted, and exercised and I could not get past that plateau.  I could binge on food during the Holidays, and I wouldn't gain weight either.  It was incredibly annoying.

I got pregnant with Wesley at that same weight.  I only gained 20 pounds with that pregnancy and lost it all immediately 2 months postpartum.  I was right back at that number that I was stuck at for 2 years.  

When Wesley was 2 weeks old he started showing signs of colic (something I don't wish on anyone).  Around a month old I started giving him probiotic drops.  That seemed to help for the most part.  But it didn't get rid of the colic completely.  

Around 4 months old I cut out dairy because of Wesley's colic symptoms mixed with his green, mucousy, blood tinged poop.  3 weeks later I noticed a big difference in the colic, and his poop.  (He is still a very temperamental baby and has his angry moments, but his overall mood is better)

I noticed a difference in Wesley, and in myself as well!  I never realized how much dairy I ate until I couldn't have it anymore.  Not just milk, cheese, chocolate.  But whey and casein, too.  It was very hard at first, but after being dairy free for 4 months it's become normal. 

I also have lost weight!  I think I lost a couple pounds PAST my plateau mark from just cutting dairy!  I started couch to 5k in July and I've lost even more weight.  18 pounds.  It's still so shocking.  I was stuck for so long.  My first goal was to get back to the weight I was when I got pregnant with Tanner.  I have 5 pounds to go.  And then my next goal will be to lose 15 more pounds.  I will reevaluate then, whether or not to lose 5 more.

I've always wanted to be a runner.  So many people talk about how they love to run, how it's a stress reliever, and so on.  Every time I tried to start running I hated it.  Absolutely loathed it.  I couldn't understand why anyone wanted to do that for fun.  But back in July I just had this feeling.  A feeling like I might actually be able to complete couch to 5k.  

I finished the first week and felt great.  Finished the second week, and still felt great.  Each week that passed, I was feeling awesome and proud of myself for sticking with it.  I was so excited (and nervous) to run my first stretch of 2 miles.  I had only done that 2 times in my life (once in high school and once in college).  I did it.  Over and over!  And I've run 3 miles straight!  My last run was a spur of the moment thing with Nick and the boys in the stroller, and I HAD FUN!  What has happened?  I don't know but I love it!

I'm in my 4th month of running, It's not really something new anymore.  It's habit now.  And I'm so happy! 

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