Monday, March 24, 2014

Chatty post

Do you ever have those times where the day starts off nicely and then something snaps in your happy children?

It may start off with a nice play date outside and then the newborn starts screaming because he's overtired. You also have a super dirty toddler because he was playing in dirt and mud (think dirt in his hair). You're trying to get dinner started, and juggle the screaming newborn into the ring sling while washing the toddler's hands and face in the kitchen sink. He starts crying because he wants to play in the water, and since you have your hands full and your mind and thoughts are all scrambled from all the noise, you let him. The newborn finally fals asleep but the ring sling isn't on correctly and it hurts. But you don't dare try to fix it and wake the baby. You notice dinner is boiling over and the toddler has water all over himself and the floor. So you quickly fix the dinner situation and strip the toddler down. At this point he's crying again because you turned the water off. And what do you know, you smell poop. So you somehow get the toddler onto the changing table while holding the sleeping baby in the awkward sling. You change the diaper and while wrapping it up a little turd falls out and falls behind the dresser that is mounted to the wall. Luckily you can jimmy the drawers off to retrieve the turd. You wash your hands and turn the tv on for the fussing toddler. And finish dinner. And all is well. Or is it? The toddler trips and falls over his stool by his chair and starts crying, which wakes the baby and gives you a massive headache and a cold dinner.  This happens to other people, right? It was almost comical. I was thinking, "what's going to happen next?"

I can't ever get the fabric to fit on my shoulder right. And the rings are way too low. But he was sleeping, and there was no way I was going to compromise that!

I'm trying to get this "mothering of two" thing down, but it's just not there yet. I'm thankful Wesley's colic is mostly gone, but I'm trying to get him to nap in his room where it's quiet, and that's been tough.  Timing things is where it gets hard. The boys typically wake up at the same time. Tanner wants to eat and so does Wesley. I'm not one of those lucky people who can nurse while walking around. So I'm sitting down for at least 20 minutes each time Wesley nurses. So he ends up crying while I get tanner situated with his breakfast. And sometimes I'm still nursing Wesley when Tanner is done and wants down from his high chair. This happens at nap time, too. (Like right now. I have a nap striker, and Wesley is nursing so I can't get up and tell Tanner to get back in bed). Typically it's not as bad at bedtime because Nick is usually home.  

Most morning (definitely not all) I wake up feeling great. I want to clean the house and do chores. But after Tanner plays a while, and especially is we have friends over, the living room becomes a disaster area. So after trying to get Tanner some lunch and ready for nap, and Wesley nursing, I'm exhausted and don't feel productive anymore. I'm sure it will get better when Wesley can do more and not get upset when he isn't in my arms. 

It's really hard to complain too much, though. Although Tanner whines and fusses a lot (what two-year old doesn't?), he's really a great kid. He has no jealousy towards Wesley, and his "terrible twos" are not that terrible. 

Once these brand new newborn days are over things will be great. I hate thinking that, because I want to enjoy Wesley at this age. It's just a hard age. Not for everyone, some have it really easy. That's just not my case. But I do know I'll look back on this time with a smile. 

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