Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boy Mom

I just need to get this off my chest. (This vent is not geared towards any of my close friends, or my parents/mother-in-law).  

Yes, we are having baby boy. Yes, we already have a boy. And NO I am not upset/sad/disappointed, ect, that it's not a girl. I'm actually more than excited!  

Why is that the first thing out some people's mouths? Why can't people just be happy that we are having a baby and he is healthy? A baby, whether he is a boy or a girl, is a joyous thing, and should be celebrated!  God knew what I wanted deep down, he knew a boy would fit in our family perfectly. Wesley will complete it! I am so blessed, and so happy. I am celebrating my boy. I just wish others would too, instead of sighing or thinking bad about him. 

I love being a boy mom, and everything that comes along with that!


  1. Having some of both, I completely and wholeheartedly LOVE this post! YES, we do have boys and girls in our little crew, but I would have loved them just the same if we'd had all of one or all of the other! There is nothing a little girl to play girl games with and help cook in the kitchen and try to teach to sew... BUT then you have a boy, who is giggly, and ticklish, and squirmy, and picks the best flowers for you (okay, girls do that, too, but it's different in so many great ways!). I remember telling my husband after we had one of each (first a girl, then a boy) that I love my daughter and couldn't imagine not having her and feel so blessed that God gave me her. However, there's just something about the bond between a mother and son that is so special in so many different ways! A daughter will not tell YOU that she wants to marry you when she grows up - only a son does that. A daughter will not run to open the door for you - that's something a son does. She won't try to instinctively try to protect you when she thinks you might be sad, or hurting - that's a son job, too :) I think it's wonderful that you will have your boys and I am sure they will be wonderful friends who keep you on your toes and laughing all the way!

    1. I've been meaning to comment back but we've been on vacation. I just love your reply! It has been so reassuring and I keep rereading it! Thank you!