Monday, September 9, 2013

Wesley Ray

Wesley Ray. This is a name I have been loving for many, many months.  After making Nick go through 1000 names, we agreed this was the name.  

I am absolutely thrilled.  

I was thinking I was slightly preferring a girl, but I felt guilty even thinking that.  I prayed so much for God to give us what we need.  And He did!  He really knows what He is doing.  I didn't realize how much I really wanted a boy until we found out Wesley is boy.  

I find little tractors and cars in random drawers.  My house is full of balls, airplanes, and hot wheels. I love being a boy mom! It's perfect.  Baby boy will be born in January (more on that at another time...) so the seasons match up perfectly for us to reuse all of Tanner's clothes. 
This is so exciting to me. I was packing up Tanner's closet this weekend, putting things he outgrew away.  And it hit me that I would see ALL of those clothes again!  

The best part is hoping Tanner and Wesley will be best friends.  I know it may take many, many years, but my heart could burst imagining them as adults, spending time together. And hopefully their own families will be close.  

Wesley looked great on the ultrasound.  I was still so amazed at how you can see so much, so clearly.  I loved being able to see all 4 quadrants of his heart.  His little legs, arms, fingers, and face.  I wonder if he will look like Tanner.  

He has his hand in front of his face in this picture
My next appointment is in two weeks, and we will go over the ultrasound and make sure everything looks good.  

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