Monday, April 29, 2013

Tot-School- Red Week

Tanner is 16 Months

This is my first week linking up with 1+1+1=1's tot school gathering.  I'm still trying to figure everything out so I have been searching the web for ideas for this week's theme.  I figured I could start with colors and work my way up to letters in  few months.  Tanner is still a little go-go-go, so I'm trying to just go with the flow and not force learning on him if he isn't ready.  

I am a nurse, not a teacher, so I am new to ideas on how to teach using play.  I've gotten most of my ideas so far from 1+1+1=1, The Kavanaugh Report, and You Are The Roots.  Hopefully with time I will be able to come up with some ideas on my own. ;)

Tanner figured the best thing to do with his Red sensory box was to flip it over and pick out the cars.

The next tray I had set up was a pom pom push.  I made the hole in the top of the container just a little too small so the pom wouldn't just fall into the container.  This was one of Tanner's favorites this week.  Although he was a little upset that shaking the container after the poms were in it didn't make any noise. 

Surprisingly this was the first week Tanner actually enjoyed play-doh! He kept asking for me to open it and sit with him at his table.  He stamped shapes into it, rolled his cars in it, and of course, tasted it.

The magnet board was just okay.  He was interested the first day, but after that he just preferred trying to eat the magnets.

Dry-erasing is slowing starting to get interesting.  He realized Friday that he can wipe the color away.  (And I'm thankful the marker easily wipes clean off the top of his table). 

I knew this activity was going to be too hard for Tanner right now, but I had the materials so I just went ahead and made it now, so I can have it ready to go in the future.  It is a ribbon with a button on the end.  And the point is to thread the ribbon through the foam pieces.  Maybe we'll try again in a few months.

I found a recipe on pinterest for homemade finger paint. Tanner hated it!  He did not like getting his fingers dirty.  I'm sure it was the consistency.  

Another flop this week was dot painting.  It could have been because we were doing it at the end of the day instead of the morning.  Or he just didn't want to sit still long enough.  We'll try this again in a couple of weeks.

I've been cleaning up our office and decorating it for tot-school.  And while I was organizing some trays, I snapped a couple blooper pictures.  

I am so excited to be working with Tanner like this.  I'm really enjoying it, and I think he is as well.    Next week=Orange week!

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  1. Welcome to the tot school party ;) Best of luck and good for you for taking it at a slow pace - it is so easy to become overwhelmed!

  2. I love what you did with your little guy! I didn't have tot school when mine were very small, and I regret missing that time! I love following the Kav report - one of my favorites! My youngest is almost 2 1/2, and we have done the 'button snake' which he loves! We have done it with felt instead of foam, but either way is probably fun - I will have to try to foam one day just to mix it up a little, since it is one of his favorites!

  3. Hello, I saw your post from Tot-School Gathering place from and I loved your post on the color red. I have been lost for a few weeks because I have been wanting to start tot school but I didnt know where to start. I love that your little one is the same age as mine. I loved seeing the pictures of him doing the activites. Made me see how my son would probably love the same things. The car picture made me laugh because that is something mine would do. He is LOVING cars or anything with wheels at the moment. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

  4. I love the pom pom push activity. My little girl is 9 months now, but I hope to start her in Tot School in the next few months. I love the idea but I'm a bit nervous. My oldest daughter was 3 when I first discovered it and outgrew it shortly after. I look forward to seeing more of your ideas.