Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nothing is safe

Tanner has grown 2 inches in 3 months. This means nothing is out of his reach. I just found that out the hard way.

I have lotion sitting in my bedside table to put on my legs and hands since the winter weather has been so dry. Tanner use to not be able to reach it. Key words: use to.

I was putting together a shopping list in the kitchen when I saw Tanner doing something strange in the living room. He had the lotion bottle. Upside down. Banging the pumping mechanism on the carpet. He not only got the bottle off of the table, but figured out how to get the lotion out!

I ran to him and grabbed the bottle and realized there would be some cleaning to do. Lotion on the carpet and the couch. A trail of lotion dots down the hallway. Lotion dots on the bedroom floor, on our bedskirt (how? I have no idea), lotion on the TV screen, and ceiling (again, I have no idea how!)

I guess it's time to toddler-proof the house some more!

1 comment:

  1. Caleb is able to reach things off my counter if it's on the edge and the kitchen table. If you figure out a way to child proof those things, let me know haha