Monday, January 14, 2013

Vacation Photo Dump Part 2/4 (Christmas Day)

I apologize in advance, I shouldn't have waited until that night to bite the bullet and shoot pictures in automatic.  So the lighting in the majority of the pictures are terrible.  But that's fine, the memories are still there! :)

Christmas day we spent time with Nick's side of the family.  We had a mini Christmas at his mom's house in the morning, followed by another Christmas at Tanner's great grandma's house  and great, great grandma's house!  And that night we visited Tanner's great grandpa's house for more Christmas!

Tanner's absolutely favorite animal!  He LOVES dogs! Buddy was a trooper!

Opening presents with Daddy.

Baby steals daddy's drink, daddy decorates baby's head.

Quality time with Uncle Don!

I really like this picture! I'm so sad it's over exposed!

Tanner with his great, great grandma!

Great grandpa!

LOVE THIS PICTURE! Tanner with his...great great uncle? My mother-in-law's uncle Bud. Such a sweet picture!

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  1. He looks more excited about the dog than the presents :)