Thursday, August 9, 2012

8 Months Old!

(I was going to have this post up yesterday, but Mr. Cranky Pants didn't want to sleep. At all. So it had to wait for today during nap time. I wish those darned teeth would break through already)

How does 8 months fly by so fast?  I just don't understand!  

He has 2 teeth, and several more on the way. He says momma (it actually sounds like mom-ma, not mama), he does not want to say dada. No matter how hard I try to get him to say it.  I think he thinks it's a game. I'll start saying, "dadada" to him and he will smile and say, "mamama...MAMA". He is crawling (everywhere!), pulling up to stand, and easily walks holding our hands.  He also thinks sleep is overrated. Yawwwwnn.

He misses his daddy, too. Yesterday when I tried to get him to say "dada" he looked over at the picture of Nick that I have sitting out.  I've been showing it to him everyday since Nick left. We can't wait for Saturday!

Going to take after his daddy with soccer!

Someone would not smile for me.  He wasn't impressed with pictures today.

"SO cool! Hands!"

He's teething bad.

Love that face!

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