Thursday, July 14, 2011

Team Blue!

I am so happy right now!  I had the anatomy scan this afternoon, and I can officially start referring Baby as Tanner! That's right, it's a BOY!  My intuition was right!

The ultrasound went very well! I enjoyed every minute of it, and it was a long 60 minutes!  The ultrasound tech was great and told us what we were looking at and made jokes here and there. I was also able to find out for certain that the little kicks I'm feeling actually are kicks. It was incredible to see Tanner kick and move while feeling him do it! 

We got measurements of his brain, femur, heart, and abdomen.  All measuring him to be a little over 20 weeks!  He must have had one big growth spurt, because I'm only 18 weeks 5 days.  If my doctor decides to change my due date (since it's over 10 days difference) he will be due December 1st.  

We were able to see the ventricles in his brain and heart, everything looked great.  We were also able to see his little bladder and kidneys.  

The ultrasound tech said he likes to move in weird shapes.  He was on his head for a little while, and a strange "yoga position".  She then asked if I've been getting kicked in the ribs yet because apparently his little legs are up under my right ribs. That surprised me! I didn't think he was that big yet, but I guess if he's measuring 20 weeks, he's the size of a cantaloupe. 

I am so in love! And of course Nick is happy he gets to buy the plane bedding he has been eyeballing.  

Here are two profile shots. The first he has his hands by his face.

Here Tanner is all curled up.  I am so sure he curls up like this so he can kick me. :) I love those kicks!

Two pictures of the front of Tanner's face.  We were able to have one picture we picked to be printed large, we picked this first one.

And the proof he's a boy.  He's not shy at all! It was very easy to spot!

I am so blessed!


  1. Congrats Lindsey!!! I am so excited for you guys!

  2. Congrats on joining Team Blue! Baby Tanner is adorable already. =)