Sunday, July 10, 2011

18 Weeks!

This week baby is the size of a sweet potato! And sweet potatoes sound amazing right now!

I'm really starting to feel more pregnant every day.  And I think my belly is rounding out more.  I obviously look more pregnant now than just fat because I got my first stranger comment last night at dinner.  Our waitress said congratulations to me and I asked "what?", she then said "baby?" and made an outline of a baby belly on herself.  I realized what she was talking about then and said thank you to her.  She then began to ask when I was due, and whether we know if it's a boy or a girl. After she walked away I told Nick I would be too nervous to EVER ask someone if they are expecting.  He said she probably breathed a sigh of relief when I said thank you.

I am so incredibly excited for this upcoming week! Thursday we will have our anatomy scan!  We will be able to see if baby's heart, skull and bones are all there and developing on track.  We also get to find out if I've got a little boy or girl in there! I am so happy I am working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! It will make the time go by faster!

How far along? 18 weeks 1 day

Due Date:  Dec. 10

Total weight gain/loss:
 Up 1 this last week, a total of 11 :( (I don't eat a whole lot when I'm at work, so I suppose it is just the growing baby...)

Maternity clothes? More than not.  I need to get more maternity scrubs.  I can hardly fit in my normal ones now. 

Sleep: Pretty good.  I have at least one day a week where I don't sleep.

Best moment this week: Has to be when Nick felt the baby kick for the first time!

Movement: Every day I feel it! Last night was amazing! I felt a hard kick/jab, so I grabbed Nick's hand and put it on that same spot.  The baby then kicked the hardest I have felt yet, and Nick got to feel it the same time I did. I love that!

Food cravings: Still ribs.  I think I have some every week. lol Oh, and also Ice water. It helps when I'm feeling nauseous.

Food aversions: Brushing my teeth has gotten a little better. I only gag once or twice now when I taste toothpaste.

Symptoms: I pee ALL.THE.TIME. 2-3 times a night.  
 We find out on Thursday!!!!!!! (I'm thinking boy)

Labor Signs: None yet

Belly Button in or out? Still in, I haven't noticed any difference yet.

What I miss: Being comfortable when I'm just sitting or laying down

What I am looking forward to: Absolutely the anatomy scan on Thursday! Then we go to the city on Friday to pick up a dear friend at the airport and we're going to do a lots a little shopping! And the following week my parents come to visit!!! I'm loving July!
Milestones: Kicks that can be felt on the outside!

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