Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Week of Preschool! Letter A

First week of Preschool! Yay! Like I mentioned in a previous post, this first 26 week plan is mostly play based.  Tanner really loved it!  The Preschool Journey eBook that I am loosely following does not go in alphabetical order, but the first week is the letter "A" (next week is "C").  

Along with The Preschool Journey I am doing Quiet Boxes/All By Myself boxes (idea from 1+1+1=1).  These were a HUGE hit! I will be writing a post about these boxes next.  I gave Tanner a box each each day to play with independently while I was getting Wesley down for his naps.  We would also get them out after Wesley went to bed and before Tanner went to bed, sort of a wind down activity.  

Each week we will be working with our sandpaper letters. We will also make a craft-a picture of the letter out of construction paper.  

Who knew glue sticks changed the color of construction paper?!

And some magnets.

I picked a few apples and put them into a bucket.  I loosely talked to him about graphing. 

He just had to taste each color.  His favorite was the Gala.

I planned on making homeade applesauce at the end of the week, but since I had so many apples with a bite taken out, I decided it was a good idea to go ahead and make it earlier.

He did some apple stamping.  He ended up making a birthday card for his daddy.

He did a few other random activities that all tied into the letter A.

He showed me his "A" while he was playing with his iPad.  Proud momma moment. :)

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