Monday, April 7, 2014

Wesley: 2 Months

Wesley turned 2 months old on Friday.  My little guy is growing up!

STATS: He was 9lbs 12.8oz and 22 inches long on Friday.  He's still my little peanut.  I read my 2 month post on Tanner and saw he was only 9lbs 7oz, 21.75in at 2 months. So he's bigger than Tanner was at this age. I'm hoping those stats are correct.  The airman measuring him was new.  And that's all I'm going to say about that...

CLOTHES: I have officially packed away all of his newborn clothes. Tear! He is so long and has such big feet that the torso part of the clothes still fit but the pants, especially footed pants, were definitely not working for him.  He is wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes now, although the 3 month sleepers and footed onesies fit better for his length. He is wearing size 1 diapers.

NURSING: He is doing excellent in this department.  We have had no issues whatsoever since 2 weeks! 

SLEEP: We started a bedtime routine for Wesley this month.  It wasn't until close to 5 months before we started one with Tanner.  We would give him a bath (every other night) and swaddle and nurse him until he was full, or fell asleep.  I would put him in his crib to sleep until we decided to go to sleep.  I would wake him up, change his diaper, and then nurse him in bed and then put him in the co-sleeper.  About a week ago I decided to see what would happen if I left him in his crib until he woke up to eat, instead of waking him when we went to bed.  He slept until 1:30.  I decided to nurse him in the glider in his room because it's easier to nurse him there than sitting up in my bed (I can't nurse him laying down, it just doesn't work yet). He ended up falling asleep after 20 minutes and I decided to just put him back in his crib to see what happened.  Needless to say, he's been sleeping in his crib ever since.  He makes so much noise during the night, just moving around and getting comfortable, that I think I would wake up and be so tired I though he was hungry.  I'm sure hearing me roll around in bed would wake him up too.  So it's been great for both of us.  I still have anxiety about it though.  Tanner slept in our room until he was 7 months old.  

He goes down to sleep without any issues at night, but never during the day. Naps are really hard.  He gets so tired, but just protests sleep until he flat out passes out around 2pm.  

OTHER: His colic is GONE!  Probiotics, for the WIN!  He gets his drops every 3 days.  The only time he cries now is when is tired.  Which lately has been a lot. 

He is also starting to take after his brother.  He spits up all day, every day.  Lots, and lots, too. 

And he still will not take a paci.  :-/

(His signature move)


  1. He is such a cutie! That's funny that he makes the same pose so often - I think he was doing that in your last post about him, wasn't he? :) It's kind of scary how fast the first few months go, when you are so tired, and yet want to hold on to that time so much! I am glad everything seems to be going well for you!

  2. He is so adorable! I just hate that I'm missing out on both of my little boys!!! I love and miss you all!!! Mom